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Michael Goddard​ - East Kurrajong

Just wanted to let you know that we are so happy with the job Corey did on our pally. She is going so well and has a great work ethic. Katie my trainer is definitely impressed! 

Melissa Ward​ - Webb's Creek, NSW

Suzi and Corey are two kind hearted, kind horse hearted, and extremely good at their gift with horses. Corey's time he has spent with Mystery has proven it's possible to change a horse. I would highly recommend Crackerjack Horsemanship.

Kimberly Ward​ - Webb's Creek, NSW

Crackerjack Horsemanship has helped me have a better understanding of my horse. Through having some riding lessons, not only are you helped with your riding and how to improve on it but also how to recognise the signs your horse is giving you, so you can have a better understanding of where their mind actually is.

If you have the horses mind everything can become so much lighter and softer, because their mind is with you (the rider) and you can feel them wanting to give you something, waiting, listening to your body language. You become a comfort to them.

I've learnt that when riding, what you release on is what you get; The horse learns from the release. And so as a rider you must be clear not only to the horse, but to yourself as well, what it is your actually asking. If it's not clear in your own mind how will your horse know what you're re trying to ask it?

Michaela Beddy - Warriewood, NSW

I first came to Crackerjack Horsemanship over a year ago with my troubled Mare looking for answers regarding her behaviour. I was instantly amazed at how Suzi and Corey worked with her and how well my mare worked with them. She had quite a few issues that they helped me identify and work on. I love having my horse riding lessons and I go to the club day each month as I’ve made lots of new friends. Suzie and Corey are a fantastic team and thoroughly look after both horses and riders. I wouldn't be the rider I am today without Crackerjack Horsemanship!  

Marcia Gosper - Maraylya, NSW

All I can say is “you never stop learning”!!!


Over twelve months ago I took on the challenge of handling and backing an unhandled eight year old gelding called Ted. He was in fact caught just once when he was about five years old, anesthetised so he could be gelded, then set free for the next three years.


Having been around horses pretty much all my life I looked forward to putting my knowledge into practice. I worked with Ted over several months and got him to the point where we could go for rides. However, there was always some underlying anxt for the boy when saddling him and putting the bridle on. Seems that I didn’t know as much as I thought.


With the help of CrackerJack Horsemanship, Ted is now a much happier boy. Suzi and Corey were amazing!!! In a very short space of time they were able to read and pin point Ted’s anxiety from the ground up and helped him to work through each of his issues in a gentle and intuitive way. They have enabled Ted and I to have a wonderful relationship.


I can’t thank Suzi and Corey enough for their patience, understanding and kindness shown to both Ted and myself. I can’t recommend them highly enough!!!


BTW – All my horses have benefited from my association with CrackerJack Horsemanship. I hope I never stop learning!!!

Colin Geddes - Box Hill, NSW

Am having lessons with Suzi Deryk and can recommend Suzi to anyone who needs assistance with their horse. 

Nicki Elleson - Mt Colah
I bought my mare, an Arab x Warmblood back in 2013. We had a very happy beginning. We were both open to learning about each other and we tried new things. Her main activity was dressage before I bought her. I wasn't interested in competing and was drawn to exploring what her other talents might be. I wanted to get to know her. Without understanding what I was doing, I embarked on a relationship with her (horsemanship). The trouble that was about to arise first came from moving her from the property where she was most happy to a neighbouring property where she didn't have much room to move and little chance to express herself. The rift between my mare and me came unexpectedly one day when I was out walking her in hand across the road from the property when a convoy of 6 semi-trailers came loudly down our quiet street. I stood with her facing the imposing enormity of the trucks and couldn't allay her min/body. She quickly broke away and fled to safety. I had a very hard time trying to gain her trust after that. Eighteen months after thinking I could manage the breakdown between us, I came to realise that I just couldn't restore it! It was then that I was given Suzi Deryk's name who came out to help me. On my first lesson with Suzi , she assured me I was able to restore our relationship, but it would take time. I understood this as I felt I had trouble achieving trust in my mare and her trust in me.
My horse was shut down and would behave mechanically. We started at the very beginning doing lots of ground work and slowly pulling apart the building blocks and discovering the problems we were experiencing. It was told me that the slower you, the quicker the progress.
I was starting to see the benefits of our weekly lessons and I practiced what I had learnt in the days following. It has now been a year on and I am astounded at what I am able to do. My mare now comes up to me in the paddock and is happy to go out with me and try new things. I have also now a good understanding of horsemanship, but have still a way to go to develop focus, clarity, softness and feel.
I continue to see Suzi  and am grateful for her expertise and her genuine love and respect of horses. I can't recommend her enough.
Nicki Elleson
Thanks Suzii, You are truly gifted!

Maxine Dukyer - Kempsey NSW

Hi Suzi and Corey


I just needed to tell you what an incredible day Red and I had today!  Well, I can't really speak for Red as I'm sure he finds my forays into horsemanship quite annoying at times but I left Utungun today feeling extremely light - I felt I could see that "light at the end of the tunnel". I felt I had something tangible to take home - something I could really work with.


When I first found Red, I was both enthusiastic and hesitant - I was excited but fearful - the only constant was that I had found the most amazing being and needed more than anything to do my best for him.  I did everything wrong you could possibly imagine - I could go on for paragraphs about that. I was learning many things just because as an adult I looked at things differently - but I was still going nowhere.  I eventually purchased a float and joined the NNHC - they are a truly awesome bunch and as supportive as they are, alas, I discovered how you don't really know the extent of what you don't know!


I have participated in Clinics - sought advice, "googled", read books and watched training DVDs.  I have walked away with a variety of  feelings -  sometimes inspired, sometimes disillusioned and many times confused.  Sometimes I just give up - I feel like I am doing more damage than good. So I feed my horses (I have two others now - yet another long story), brush them, scratch them, talk with them, but I give up on riding for fear of just doing more damage.


Don't get me wrong, I have participated in Clinics with people who are amazing horsepeople - what made the difference today, for me, was the gentleness - the patience - and the ability to convey and demonstrate a very practical technique that always, always involved my horse and HIS thoughts.


Thank you both so much - I hope you will both come back.


Maxine and Red

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