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Learn how to develop a deeper awareness of how your horse is 'feeling' on the inside and how to change the way it feels through better communication. 

  • Observation and Perception.

  • Knowledge and Understanding 

  • Mindfulness and Willingness 

  • Togetherness and Heartfulness

These are all the principles you will learn along with easy concepts and the following skills -

  • lead rope and rein skills

  • posture and body use

  • energy influence

  • breath awareness


Everyone is welcome!

*All ages - from children to adults.

*All horses - weanlings, yearlings, green horses, educated horses or problem horses. 

These workshops cater for Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced.  The levels covered are from the ground up. Starting with the Foundation Basics, adding the 'Building Blocks' and progressing on the path to 'Softness & Harmony". 

We cover everything from working on the ground, including liberty through to basic ridden work to advanced.

These are small group sessions with a  maximum of 4 participants, with quality one on one tuition to cater for you and your horse's individual needs.


Priority is given to safety of the handler/rider and empathy to the horse.

"People are afraid of what is on the inside, what's on the inside is all we ever need"

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