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Willing Communication Workshops

These workshops are designed to help you communicate your intention to your horse with more clarity, resulting in a more willing and harmonious relationship.

Horses are very good listeners, they are the ones that can 'hear' the slightest whisper but only if we are whispering! We need to refine our skills to ensure that we are not doing and saying too much!

In order to achieve this we need to learn to listen to what our horses are saying to us. We need to become more aware of our horses 'feelings' The aim of these workshops are to help you achieve true togetherness, a two-way conversation, when you can add life in your body to your intention and your horse willingly responds. 

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On the Trail Riding training days my focus is on helping you and your horse cope better with any issues that may arise out on the trails. Some common issues are Jig-jogging, shying, biting/kicking, rushing, water crossings and traffic just to name a few. If you would like some help, give me a call. You can organise to come to me, or if you have some trails near you I can come there. Catering for individuals, small groups or clubs.


Working Equitation is a rapidly growing discipline in Australia. It consists of 4 phases - Working Dressage, EOH/Style - obstacles, Speed - obstacles and cattle work. As an accredited trainer and judge I am able to help you and your horse become more competent, confident and competitive. Willingness is essential in working equitation as it is a requisite to show true harmony between horse and rider. Working Equitation is lots of fun and a great way to school your horses. It requires discipline from both horse and rider and refinement of aids and cues. Is your horse confident to walk straight over a bridge? Is it supple and relaxed enough to show consecutive changes of bend? Would you like to give it a try?



Learn the Art of Groundwork. Connecting with your horse on the ground encourages him/her to be more willing and mindful of you. As a means to helping your horse be better prepared for its first ride or as a means to 'test' your connection before jumping into the saddle for a safer ride, you cannot underestimate the benefits of groundwork.

"Willingness comes from freedom of choice and a good work ethic"

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Stockmanship Workshops

Crackerjack Cattle Sense days are for those wanting to learn how to understand and communicate with cattle. Learn how they think and how to suggest what you want from them without them getting agitated and flighty. How to school your horse and help it to become more confident and centered. 

Whether you are a complete beginner, experienced competitor or hobby farmer. There is something to learn here for everyone, how to make the job look easy, with a calm and responsive horse without getting worried or excited. Days are organised by request. Small groups or clubs welcome.


Working your horse at liberty has great benefits if done correctly. It is a means of communication that the horse understands, body language and intention. Your intention is transferred through your body language to the horse, where they are free to make the choice to take on your idea or not. There are quite often important factors overlooked when working at liberty, which leads to sour, shut down horses. Learn how to be more effective in the way you present an idea to your horse and to have them be more mindful and willing in return.


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