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When a horse wants to protect his thoughts he locks his poll, which in turn locks his topline, being able to direct his thoughts unlocks his poll"

Firstly, we would like to introduce ourselves.

Suzi Deryk -  from a very young age I have been madly in love with horses. I learnt to ride at the age of 10 and since then have been heavily involved in many different disciplines and activities relating to horses. I am a recognised and accredited trainer, instructor & judge. I have always had a deep yearning for 'getting along' with horses and am constantly searching for better ways for the horse and human relationship to be more harmonious, balanced, centered - United. Developing my power of observation and awakening my awareness of the way the horse FEELS, and its needs, has greatly contributed to my success with communicating with them, in helping them be more mindful of the human,  synchronizing our minds, bodies and spirits,  with purpose, happiness and willingness. 

My journey will have no end, it will always be filled with joy and love for the Horse.

Corey Ryan - I remember always wanting my own horse.  It was not until my mid twenties that this dream was finally fulfilled. My  life is centered around horses and good horsemanship.  I am a professional horseman and am passionate about having an open mind and always searching for better ways to communicate with them. I am extremely patient with a very good understanding of the horse, and it's needs. My  inspiration has come from whom i consider to be the world's best horseman - Tom Dorrance - his awareness and ability to communicate with the horse is phenomenal. Other great hoseman that i have a deep respect for and share their philosophies are Ray Hunt and Harry Whitney.

Suzi & Corey's lives together are a quest for "Good Horsemanship" and they have travelled near and far, in both Australia and abroad, seeking the truly best horsemen, and learning all they could from them and taking that knowledge and insight to share with others. 


At Crackerjack we endeavour to meet all of your needs.  Other services we offer are Starting under saddle, Schooling/training, Foal/weanling handling, Problem horses, Trailer loading, Hoof care, Nutritional and General care advice. We provide Riding and  Horsemanship tuition. Discipline specific tuition, specialising in Working Equitation, Balanced  Riding  and Cattle work and Trail Riding.  For groups, private lessons or clinic formats for clubs and individuals, children through to adults.

We look forward to helping you and your horse connect.

Kind regards,


Suzi Deryk & Corey Ryan

Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy is simple really - "You must change their mind, not their behaviour, and this is a matter of willingness"
Our History

Crackerjack Horsemanship was officially started in March of 2014, with our first club day being held in February 2015. Although being a relatively new business, Corey and myself have been working in the horse industry for many years and are professionals within the industry.

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